Video Surveys

Whether you are an Owner, General Contractor, Project Manager, or part of a municipality or regulatory authority, pre-construction video is a fantastic tool that can preempt costly litigation. For a relatively small investment, you can save the time and cost of legal tangles by investing in pre-construction video-recording services. Contact us today to learn how pre-construction video can save you time and money.

It’s unfortunate, but true. Contractors are often blamed for preexisting damage to streets, curbs and sidewalks simply because they have equipment capable of causing such damage. But if you were not responsible, you shouldn’t have to spend your time or money defending against baseless claims. Pre-construction video is an excellent way to resolve these kinds of disputes before they escalate into legal action.

With more than 10 years of experience in the field of legal pre-construction video-recording and a long list of satisfied clients, Paradigm 2000 Inc is the industry leader in pre-construction video and post-construction video services. Based in Central Indiana, our forté is documenting pre-construction and post-construction site conditions using video which can can provide a clear record for resolving post-construction arbitration over property damage.


Paradigm 2000 Inc uses only state-of-the-art video inspection equipment, which allows us to visual inspect and document mainlines and lateral pipelines from a single, fully integrated unit. Our equipment utilizes picture-in-picture or dual video monitors allowing our operators to view the mainline and lateral lines simultaneously.

• Inspect mainlines from 6” to 24” and 4” to 8” lateral lines
• 40:1 zoom pan and rotate mainline camera with auto iris
and auto focus
• High resolution 1545 lateral camera with auto-uprighting
picture, retracts at the rate of up to 30’ per minute and
features an integrated 512Hz sonde for locating
• Capable of mainline inspections up to 500’ in length with
lateral inspections of up to 150’
• Electronically synchronized mainline and lateral launch cable
reels for ease of retrieval during and after inspection
• Picture-in-Picture format or dual video monitor view format
• View mainline and lateral simultaneously
• 6-Wheel drive tractor features three forward speeds, reverse
and freewheel.

One of the most powerful crawler systems in the industry.

• Pan and tilt cameras offering full 360 degree view.
• Sealed systems not reliant on gas purging.
• No external wiring to light heads, etc.
• Rugged and reliable.
• 450m motorized cable drum.
• Custom designed inspection vehicles.
• Dedicated Service Centre.

Our equipment will help us give our customers immediate feedback resulting
in less down time and quicker repairs.